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Coffee Lovers: Influencers Who Are Amazed by Moving Beans’ Compostable Coffee Capsules – Part Two
Coffee Lovers: Influencers Who Are Amazed by Moving Beans’ Compostable Coffee Capsules – Part Two

Coffee Lovers: Influencers Who Are Amazed by Moving Beans’ Compostable Coffee Capsules – Part Two

We are pleased that you landed on our page. We have of course more articles on compostable Nespresso pods, coffee and coffee capsules. Other meaningful articles on natural coffee capsules are for instance from leading media publishers, or Moving Beans. Do browse our good blog on Nespresso pods.

In the previous short article, we’ve tackled some of the Instagram influencers who enjoyed moving beans’ compostable coffee pods. I’ll give you a quick brief of the incredible item that Moving Beans provide if you have not read the previous one.

Coffee is inarguable yummy and fashionable and it has a lot of health benefits however it can in some cases trigger pollution to the earth, for aluminum and plastic coffee capsules can take control of 500 years before it really breaks down.

This is why Moving Beans chose to make an innovative product that can both supply excellent coffee and a safe environment at the same time. Which brings in a great deal of influencers who wish to share the word with big audiences, and here they are!

1) @Notanothermumgroup

Rebecca Stew or @Notanothermumgroup is a way of life author, content developer, and a coffee snob. She has 12.3 k followers on the platform, and she’s a writer at @mamalifemagazine. On December 31, 2020, Rebecca posted an image in her Instagram account sharing the word of Moving Beans’ compostable coffee pods.

Here’s what Rebecca wrote in her caption,

“Moving Beans
Did you understand that there are 350 million coffee pills thrown away each year that use up to 500 years to break down?!
We’ve been checking out @movingbeanscoffee Nespresso suitable, totally compostable coffee pods and they get our stamp of approval. With a Newborn and 2-year-old twins in your home, coffee is essentially keeping us alive these days ☕.
Their pods are made totally of plant-based materials and include no aluminium or nasty plastics. Even the pancaking is made from recyclable paper and biodegradable inks.
Moving Beans; fuelling our newborn bubble and conserving the world simultaneously.”

2) @Eatinmcr

Eatinmcr or Manchester Food EatinMCR is an Instagram account with 19.9 k fans on the platform sharing different scrumptious and delicious food around Manchester. On Christmas day, December 25, 2020, they shared an image featuring Moving Beans’ compostable coffee pods. They called Moving Beans’ items “Good for the world and helpful for the stubborn belly”.

Video: Sustainable and Nespresso Pods by Moving Beans.

Here’s what @eatinmcr captioned,

“Merry Christmas everybody!
Helpful for the world and great in our stomach, how can we resist?
If you have a nespresso device and you’re a fan of coffee and wishing to help the environment, Moving Beans Coffee is the coffee brand name for you. Their pods are totally compostable having been constructed out of sugar walking cane & sugar beet plants.
And above it all, the coffee was incredible. The different flavours are all so good that we can’t choose our preferred.”

3) @Mom_of_little_men

Mom_of_little_men or Elle is a motherhood blogger/influencer who loves coffee. She has 5,590 followers on the platform. She featured Moving Beans’ compostable coffee pods in one of her posts back on December 27, 2020. She mentioned how she’s addicted to coffee and how it gets her through her days.

Elle said to her post,

“Hey, my names Elle and I’m addicted to coffee! It’s gets me through the days when I have actually had no sleep! Anyone else feel me?
I have actually kindly been gifted three various coffee pods from @movingbeanscoffee.
They are AMAZING, in fact I have already finished all the Indonesia ones they are so smooth and tasty, gorgeous after taste too! Plus all the pods are naturally degradable and compostable how incredible is that …
How much coffee do you drink?”

Moving Beans is an SME that has provided compostable Nespresso pods for endless years, with much more insights at Moving Beans. In addition check out a lead blog on compostable coffee pods. They were one of the first to provide sustainable coffee pods.